Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Whole Ancient Health Science in One Tiny Blog

So here is a little bit of fun for YOU instead of all the instrospection from me. A couple of friends have asked about this so here's a little quiz.

By theory of the ancient Indian science Ayurveda, everyone is given a specific constitution (Prakriti) at birth. Made up of three elements, this constitution is said to govern the way your body and mind work and react.

I'm going to give you a reallllly basic way to determine your constitution. I'll list the attributes of Vata (the air/wind element), Pitta (the fire/energetic element) and Kapha (the water/restful element). You just pick out how many of these attributes pertain to you to find out what your dominant element (or dosha) is and how it can be balanced.

Vata - thin frame, creaky joints, very short or very tall, usually cold, dry skin/hair, small eyes, variable energy levels, talks a lot or fast, indecisive, fast learner, quickly forgets, enthusiastic, creative, introspective, restless, light sleeper, anxious, prone to obsession, panic attacks

Pitta - medium build, athletic, usually warm, oily skin, straight hair, strong appetite, short sleep, concise, competitive, intelligent, keen memory, irritable, controlling, jealous, courageous, ambitious, prone to rashes, lots of sweat, gastritis, high blood pressure, spicy food, headaches, lots of alcohol.

Kapha - larger/stronger frame, stamina, well-lubricated joints, white/even teeth, thick hair, large eyes, oily/cool skin, usually cold, speaks slow, lazy, calm, responsible, loyal, stubborn, sensitive, nurturing, oversleeps, overeats/undereats, mucusy, complacent, depression.

All your numbers?

So here is a quick Rx from Dr. Really Underqualified Rao:

If your dominant dosha is...

: Try to keep a routine since you are prone to flightiness. Organize periods of rest and quiet into your schedule. Avoid the cold and dress appropriately. Eat warm, cooked food and take warm baths. Moisturize your skin with oil consistently and eat foods containing good quality oils. Avoid stimulants such as sugar/caffeine. Do gentle yoga, Tai chi and take walks in nature. Since you are likely to keep to yourself, socialize regularly and nurture yourself and others.

Pitta: Moderate your activities so you don't expend too much energy. Relax and meditate often. Interact more with nature in a leisurely manner. Laugh a lot to balance all of your intensity. Keep your environment cool and drink cool fluids. Avoid spicy/salty/fermented foods such as wine. Be sure to get enough protein and eat sweet fruits. Remain active to expend energy through swimming, skiing and yoga but do all in a non-competitive way. Chill Out!

Kapha : Try new activities and experiences, push yourself a little. Your ideal environment is dry heat and you need to do regular aerobic excercise. Eat sweet and sour food that is low in dairy. Relax in saunas and get regular deep massages. Detox regularly with teas. Key word: stimulation.

I hope you enjoyed this little thing...I'll be back with a normal blog tomorrow. Take care. =)

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ashley said...

hmm, i think i am half vata/half pitta. does that sound about right?