Friday, May 23, 2008


Yesterday there was something in the air. Rasta-man has it in for me. I somehow find him at every table I sit at and he continues to tell me why I am a slave to "The Man" and "The System." I always have someone like this at my metaphorical table. Someone who challenges me, pokes, and expects a rise. And usually I give them that reaction, albeit quietly. I don't scream but I am physically and emotionally annoyed and agitated.

As with every day, there was a balance. Another guy here and I went on a little hike after dinner to the lake and the "Sound of the Music" hill. I don't think my lungs could hold the amount of fresh air I breathed in. Every turn was something more glorious, especially in the buttery dim of the setting sun.
"I wish I had a camera," my friend said, as we surveyed the open hills around us, an apple orchard to our right.
"No, you dont," I said. Seeing these views through a lens would be a betrayal. But I agreed to go back again, at the same time of the day, with a camera so I can share these vistas with all of you.

The nature grounded me. Out of my head and emotional state, I returned to HI much more present and equipped. Rasta-man had gone to bed early. We had a free night, so with no lectures or satsangs to attend I played a slow game of cards with a couple of good people and laughed a lot as we made corny yoga-people jokes (my team was team Triphala since there were three of us).

The night ended later than usual at 10:30 and I read and shivered in my bed until I finally drifted off, promising myself that tomorrow I would wake up and look at everyone with fresh eyes.

For next time, I will try to give you some pictures.


Sarah said...

Ankita I miss you so much! Reading about your experiences in PA make me miss you even more. So much is happening this summer that I wish you were here for, that I wish I could talk with you about.

But enough about me--I am SO happy that you sound content in PA. Your internship sounds amazing, perfect for my favorite Ankita.

Please write me soon! I love reading your blog (really, a lot) but I crave personal Ankita attention!


Sharilyn Wiskup said...

Hi Anki. Reading your adventures and interactions with new people excites me for my Yosemite experience. I too will go alone. Keep sharing your journey. hugs and kisses!

meghan said...

Hi dun dun dee!
How I do miss you, you short little wad of fun!
I'm glad you have a blog to log because you are like a little space creature.
Personally, I think you have some major relaxing to do.
Listen to the 80's and drink some strawberry daqz!
Stop going to weird isolated places and writing for hippie magazines. Trade in your pensive mood and penchant for nature for a trip to the city and some pie a la mode. There is nothing that a la mode can't give you that nature and weird people can! But, you will be you and thats just plumb ok i guess. I love "plumb" and "plum" and "plumber" hahahahah
bye love you buns

Ankita said...

haha thanks guys...and meghana, i am not you! and i love that going to NYC is supposed to be 'relaxing' for me...silly.

ashley said...

nyc IS relaxing - what are you talking about?? ok, actually no, it's not. but you should still come anyway because i love and miss you and we can reenact satc episodes all day long. i am very sorry to hear that you think camera lenses diminishes places because i really, really want to see pics of your PA life! have you been having tons and tons of rain too? also, the satc field trip your boss is taking you on - is that to nyc or scranton? if you say scranton, i will cry.

yes said...


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