Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lazy Weekend

The sun peaking through the woods. (These always come out as one of those Microsoft default background pictures.)
Entrance to H.I. (the hill that I climb after lunch)
The Red-Dot Trail (where I get lost)
Sound of Music Hill (where I get cell phone reception)
Hiking Buddy

I've been sleeping in until 7, wandering around campus and reading bits of Lahiri's Unaccustomed Earth. The days are slow but the week seemed fast. I continue to miss my 6 a.m. asana class but there are always the 4:30 ones. I may find a ride into "town" today to do some exploring.


ashley said...

yay for pics! it looks GORGEOUS!! yes, our summer experiences are the polarized epitomes of our essences, i think. hiking buddy = secret lovahhh. of course you are still welcome/badly needed here the weekend of your conference. can you send me the dates again? best. weekend. ever.

Ankita said...

haha, its so true, i love it! and secret lovahh...pshh, he wishes. im coming june 19, you just be ready for me.

tomasz said...

nice pics man