Monday, May 26, 2008

Life Lesson #7301 : Woman vs. Nature

So after a long day of being inside, working on the humanitarian Web site and an early morning asana class, I decided to take a trip to the falls with my friends as the sun began to set

At first the hike seemed harmless enough. The falls were beautiful and wild, the water elegantly slipped down large flat rocks like natural steps. We started to climb up the side, avoiding slippery algae-covered jagged rocks.

I began to question every step I took. Fording the water was a strange and terrifying feat for this suburban girl. We were all sweating from the steep climb, but my perspiration was from fear as much as exertion. I worried that I was touching poison ivy, I worried as the cobwebs caught my face. I worried about the treacherous trip I would have to face when I was coming down.

After all the anticipation, the steep walk down the falls was beautiful and easy. I traipsed and leaped and crossed the same rushing water. I brushed the spiders and caterpillars out of my hair lightly so they wouldn't get hurt. And I breathed a huge sigh of relief when we walked out of the woods and back home.

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