Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vata we going to do today?

Instead of filling coffee or being stuck in the mailroom, I worked on the Web site, helped wardrobe a model for the front cover photo shoot.

I always thought I was a big-time slowpoke when it comes to computers, but being surrounded by yogis on desktops makes me feel like Bill Gates.

The photo shoot prep was interesting too. I never thought I would hear "No, that's too much skin," and "Look modest!" when it comes to a beautiful woman and a glossy cover.

There are a cluster of young guys here but I seem to be the only girl under 25. We have a reggae-spitting, loudmouth and dreadlocked guy who tried to tell me to drop out of college, a Puerto Rican meditative engineering major at Georgia Tech, a guy who plays sitar, guitar and a digiridoo (sp?) and my very first friend who makes the daal. It's fascinating to see them in this setting, but that's why yoga is unifying, I guess.

I will be back.


Pallavi said...

i am really enjoying reading your blog! i'm glad to hear you're settling in and that you're doing exciting and substantial work. i checked out the website and it looks awesome:)

Ankita said...

thanks palli!

ashley said...

a gaggle of guys under 25 and you the only girl? poor, poor ankita. what are we going to do??