Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cachaca, Canoa and C.O.O.L - Brasil

Me and translator/friend Diego

I'm sitting in my sandy hotel that is not actually on the beach, drinking my last cup of Guanabana juice. My bags are packed, and I have that sinking high school graduation feeling.

"I think maybe you are part Brasilian," my new friend Priscilla told me yesterday, and I couldn't have asked for a better compliment.

From this trip I've learned that the Brasilian wax is a misnomer, not to ride a mototaxi in a miniskirt, how to understand (but not speak) Portuguese, and that being vegetarian in the countryside is not the best of ideas.

Our last days in Icapui were spent swinging in hammocks in homes in the hilltops and restaurants on the beach. I hugged my new little sisters and gave them small gifts and knew it was not enough. A pink notebook or candy is no match for eating tapioca, bayon and coconut biscuits at Niete's home, and nothing I can stammer in Portuguese is like the stories, tears and laughs these women have shared.

My Mac is on the last sliver of battery and I prefer to spend my last hours with my Fortalezan friends. Ciao.


Manisha said...

Binglet! I just don't know how ya do time you go on one of these life altering trips, TAKE ME WITH U!!! And secondly, no no that is about it..Brazil looks and sound amazing, I am so happy that you got to experience so many amazing things this year. Talk about life changing experiences. And thanks for EVERYTHING u did for my wedding, I know after India it wasn't an easy transition. WELCOME HOME! Love you!

Diego Warhol said...

So Ankita!
so many things to say.
Well i like reading these posts about Brazil all the time. It´s like visiting the past and see our friendship growing up and all. I´m so glad for being ur friend now. I mean. I´ve never wondered how i could like somebody only in a week. But it´s you! You are incredible and believe me i wanna talk to you always! We´ll be BFF!
luv u so! miss u