Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama Curry

I'm not sure that anybody followed Obama's campaign trail closer or louder than my grandparents. The television might have dabbled in Hindi sitcoms and Ram Dev lectures in the morning, but Zee TV gave way to CNN all day long for more than a year.

My grandfather staunchly refused to change his Indian citizenship. He grouchily mumbles "this is not my country" while praising Barack and criticizing every congressman with equal fervor. But my grandma's 50 years in the country have warranted voting rights.

My cousin Manisha read my grandmother the absentee ballot choices out loud and filled out her form. When she got to Amendment 2, my grandma wanted a simple version. It went something like this:
Manisha: So, should gay people be allowed to get married or not?
Grandma: What do I care? Let the gays be married.

My family can't agree on interracial marriages, belly button rings or whether we are Maharastrian or Kannada, but we did unite under the O. When our candidate of choice stepped into victory our entire family of Republicans, Indian citizens, hippies, government employees and plenty of doctors cheered along with the electoral college.

As for the question of a black president. According to my grandma: "It's about time...we're all black anyhow."


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