Friday, July 11, 2008

So That's Where My Polly Pocket Went

Good news...we may no longer have to cut down trees to build our house. We can build a neighborhood, homes and a school on our own island of trash in the Pacific Ocean.

In the Pacific Ocean there is a Texas-sized mass of plastic floating between San Francisco and Hawaii. The 3.5 million ton manifestation of our ignorance even has a name: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

This particular part of the Pacific has a weak current and winds that surround the area in circular motions. Therefore, the flip-flop you lose in the ocean is pulled into the patch and unable to float out.

Over 257 species suffer every year from this ocean-fill. Thousands of mammals like dolphins and sharks have died from swallowing the debris. The magnitude of the situation would require billions to clean up and therefore is not on the government's agenda.

So next time in the grocery store...paper or plastic? (Hint: the answer is Tote Bag)


Anonymous said...

thats not a happy story.. i miss you! keep up the good work!

Pallavi said...

whoa i didn't know that....

i have a polly pocket! its orange. and i still have it :)

and ps i think those publix totes are so hot right now ;)

Pallavi said...

so um no pressure or anything...but you know how you said you think you write too much? well you dont! i need more material to occupy myself with so keep it coming woman. i'm waiting patientlyy :)

Manisha said...

oh no! poor polly pocket, I want to go and save her! or him? I remember talking to u at the 'tute' about the land mass and how scary it really it. Sheesh...ignorance really ain't too blissful now is it. On another note: in response to whether or not pee is clean, my answer is a resounding YES I do believe it is, why else would I have peed on Sean when he got stung by a jelly fish? =)

Ankita said...

hahah pals i update just for you sometimes...and i didnt mean this to be a doomsday thing, just needed to get it out there. and yeah, i think pee is clean too, i just dont like to think of it when using public showers for a whole summer.

Sarah said...

i envy your insight and interesting mind interworkings like you don't even know.

i miss you and i appreciate posts like this like nobody's business.

yup. i miss you so much i don't even make sense.