Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Right Action

I had a massage yesterday. Half an hour of soothing hands and dark room and aromatherapy. It was the most painful 30 minutes of my summer.

A combination of car accidents and headstands has thrown my cervical alignment off kilter. You know when kind people come up behind you and massage your shoulders? For me that feels like a 300 pound bench press.

In short, one more lesson I've learned with yoga...don't just do the pose, do it right. And if you don't know how, ask.

I can assure you my ego has gotten in the way of my healthy spine. I would never tell students in a class I was teaching to do headstands so recklessly in grassy fields like I do. I also have stubbornly refused to use props, but you better belief that those blankets and foam blocks will be my friends now.

The right action is a phrase that has been entering my mind a lot. Yesterday I spilled water in the hall and half-heartedly wiped it up. I started to walk away and then a flash of "the right action" made me turn around and dry the floor thoroughly.

A silly example, but it's the little things right?


Anonymous said...

this happens to me whenever I really dont want my gum in my mouth anymore. I go to spit it in a bush and Im about to hawk (sp?) it and I think ew Erin that is gross and yucky the garbage can is 3 steps away... I have not spit gum into our lovely world foor at least a month now-- :)

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