Monday, July 21, 2008

Prospect Park

Another weekend in New York City revved up my too-low blood pressure and brought me to normal world pace. A 6 a.m. Saturday wake up was followed by 3 hours in the ice-cube bus, a visit to Washington Square park, a light Japanese meal at Dojo, a rendezvous with my cousin, shopping in Union Square (bought fuchsia lacy shirt), dinner at African/French/Belly dancing place in Soho,a $5 psychic reading and some early morning crooning at a Japanese karaoke bar.

A whirlwind, in short. We fell into our beds in Brooklyn at 3:30 a.m., too close to being awake for 24 hours. My cousin Nikhil's apartment is on a beautiful leafy road on St. Marks and it made me reconsider my nevereverlivinginNYCthatplaceiswhack rule. The city has actually started to whisper its call into my ear, something I did not think was in the cards.

The next day we strolled in the sultry summer heat through Prospect Park, wiping off our foreheads and sipping on fresh orange juice. We didn't get back to Manhattan until 3 when we picked up our one meal that day at Whole Foods and rushed back to Port Authority for our bus. The ride home was less than fun with my tumultuous stomach instability and the winding hill roads.

The psychic reading was easily the most entertaining portion. Five dollars has assured me a life of money, fame and romance (does she know I'm going to be a journalist??). I also sport a bright red aura, so make sure your next birthday gift to me matches. I guess another 10 would've got me a celebrity husband and dog.

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