Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Part Where I Lose Steam

I just want to play outside, sit in the grass, read silly books on the hill. Six days of work remaining and my mind is a sugar-fed child in math class. I can't believe I will be home so soon. I will have to start doing my eyebrows and shaving my legs regularly...what a concept.

My father is here and it is glorious. We plan to walk to the waterfall later and his snippet of a vacation ends tomorrow morning. Luckily, my cousin Nikhil will be arriving from New York City to slooow down.

This weekend is my editor's wedding as well as the arrival of the Tibetan Prime Minister of Exile Samdong Rimpoche. Our grounds are being manicured and tended like a "bride on her wedding day."

My lack of camera cord is frustrating...I have many images to enhance my thoughts. Perhaps I will go back and put the pictures in for all the back posts when I go home. So the pictures you've seen so far are from friends.


Pallavi said...

where did you go?

Ankita said...

a new one, just for you.

Pallavi said...

when i re-visited this post, (yes, i do that lol), i read "steam" as "stream" because of the picture directly below it. My mind got confused. lol just though i'd share that with you.

and i am so jealous that you got to see Prof. Rinpoche speak. i bet it was an awesome experience.