Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stray Birds*

Sometimes when I'm meditating I pop open an eye and see the person next to me looking at the clock and think,"Man whats the point of meditating if you're going to keep looking at the clock." And then I realize I'm looking at the person looking at the clock.

When I don't feel like figuring out whether to use a comma, period or semi colon, I use an ellipse (...). So now you know my secret...

I've been wearing a payal (anklet with small tinkling bells) on my left ankle since I was twelve. When it gets oxidized I switch to a new shiny one. I don't think people have commented on any part of me more than my payal. It's like a warning that I'm coming.

Can soap get dirty? Where does that other sock go? Does a British accent make you sound smarter?

Americans at the H.I. pronounce my name perfectly (Un-kee-tha) but at school it continues to be butchered.

*Stray Birds is one of my favorite collections from Tagore. It is just a smattering of his thoughts. But they are much more eloquent and meaningful than mine.


Sarah said...

i think i may enjoy these kinds of entries the most.
but i'm not really sure, cause i like all of it.

missing you,

Pallavi said...

i love tagore. and i love you.

and yes, british accents. yes.

Ankita said...

tanks guys...i guess i should stop forming coherent thoughts and stick with the randomness. =)

Anonymous said...

that made me crack up.. the im looking at the person looking at the clock, I have had similar experiences:)

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