Monday, June 30, 2008

Choc O Block

I am now a weekly writer for Your link to everything media, masala and hm...Mumbai?

This is my most recent article:

I know, me, yoga magazines, what? The funny thing is, I didn't even pick the topic.

Just got back from a splendid weekend with 25 family members in one gi-normous house. It was wonderfully fulfilling (or maybe just filling). I got to celebrate two birthdays, one graduation and finally setting my eyes on the most beautiful baby boy. I absolutely love my crazy family and the conversations (ranging from SSRI's to baby-talk) sparked a lot of new ideas. Like this title, for instance, which is a British/Indian word for traffic jam, but so much better!

Now I'm slightly grimy from the drive and back at work. My mom and Manisha are here for a few days to get a taste of the H.I. Wahoo.


Pallavi said...

your link gave me an error! fix it :)

Ankita said...

fixed it!