Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sleepy, slippery journalism

Having a great time in NYC. Running on free food, borrowed laptops and bits of sleep. I'm posting the links for first two of my articles for the blog. I have two more today and one today...not used to writing with a one hour deadline, but it's more than worth it.

Celebrated Caity's 21st at kitschy Indian restaurant Panna II at St. Mark's Square on Thursday as soon as I came in from Jersey. Yesterday I stumbled after the conference to Broadway to see the raunchy/dark Broadway show Spring Awakening with Ashley and crew yesterday. We even got to meet the stars after the show. Wish I would've been a tad less unconscious.

Okay, I am off to write about Kevin Negandhi, first Indian sports anchorman in America. Currently, he is working for ESPN and premiers on Sports Center next Friday.


Sarah said...

wow. i am so proud/jealous/happy for you, ankita! you are doing an awesome job...try not to get famous and forget about me. we still have a whole year to spend together in little old weimer...i know it isnt nyc, but it will be fun...i promise...

i miss you!

Ankita said...

Thanks SJ! But you and I are in this together...we should just start our own publication called "What You Write When You Know You Are Awesome." or something...

Aruna said...

Hi Anki,

This is the first time I've ever seen a blog- v exciting, "cool" in genX lingo!

Now I can interrogate you online!!!

Your writing is so direct and no-frills. Good to see some punch and originality- I miss that with the journalists here in india.


aruna (from hyd- to jog your memory!)

Ankita said...

Thank you Aruna Auntie...really touched you are reading.
No need to jog my memory! Interrogate as you wish. I can't wait to come to India next year and do some writing there.

Take care,