Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back in the USSR

An interview, brunch, subway ride, bus ride, car ride, hot shower later...I'm back!

My weekend in fast-paced, lecherous and wonderful New York City was an eye-opener. I'm operating at high-frequency from the inspiring journalists I met at the convention. The sounds of screeching subways, bold honking and "aye mami" still pulsethrough my mind. But I'm slowly winding back down to yoga-pace and soaking it all in.

Alongside the motivation to throw myself into the job came a big "uh-oh" for the news industry. The dwindling of newspapers, budget cuts, workforce cuts--not exactly what I need to hear as a budding writer. I can just hear my dad telling me not to think about all of things out of my control and just work on crafting my skills to their full potential. Anyway, the economy is bound to change before I get out's not like we can re-elect Bush.

I am ready for a good sleep, a long yoga asana class and some muesli with soy milk.

And also...don't hesitate to comment. Good, bad, silly...let me know what you think, what you want to hear etc. I like comments, I feel like the cheerleader at school when I get them...instead of the kid who gets picked last for kickball, which is a lot more accurate.


Vivek said...

BEING A CHEERLEADER IS FOR THE BIRDS!! Living in NYC has been great for me. Maybe after your yogic internship ends, you will fully immerse yourself in mainstream, fast paced, or even medium- paced life? If not it's ok, I will still be your friend.haha

Ankita said...

mainstream?! aaaa

Pallavi said...


Pallavi said...

i love that even though you're many states away, i still manage to stalk you fervently. ;)

ashley said...

i have a cameo in a famous author's blog!! yay!!!!!!!