Thursday, June 17, 2010

No News Is Good News

I've got a lot of causes. I want to save the earth and the women of the earth. I want equal rights for all sexual orientations, races, religions and Avatars (kidding). I want animals to be treated well and tummies to be full. And I want my mountains topped, rivers pure and government transparent.

Somehow this makes me an idealist and a liberal and all sorts of labels synonymous to a sensitive softie. But it also might be a direct correlation to the amount of news I've been consuming.

How can you NOT have a lot of causes reading/watching the news? Not just these days, all days. No news out there is good news. There's always someone being shot, suppressed, jailed. There's uncontainable oil, unregulated big business, uncapped spending.

So for a while I thought the answer was to run around trying to protest everything and get things fixed and get mad at people. Now I think its this: 1)be empowered enough to help in your capacity 2) look for happy news.

There are enough people helping, nurturing, thriving, to fill a newspaper. We hear of the naughty priests, but never about the ones who inspire entire congregations. For every car crash, there are tons prevented by cautious drivers. There's deforestation, but classrooms are building greenhouses and planting gardens.

To make it easier, some friends and I have been talking about launching a Web site or at least some kind of news feed that is all good news all the time. So yeah, the sea turtles are choking on BP's mistake -- but there's got to be something good happening there too. And I'm going to find it.


Saumya said...

Heyy! I came to your blog from Pallavi and love it :) You have such interesting thoughts!

Heena said...

There are a couple of sites that share only good news. One really popular one that you have to subscribe to. But here is one that is free.

Lumiya said...

My cousin has a blog full of inspiration and hope, you may want to check it out!

I think it would be great if your readers could submit their good deeds for others to read. Just a thought, the idea to start a good news source is fantastic. You have amazing insight and your blog is fantastic, I love reading it!