Monday, June 8, 2009

9 to 5

As a part-part-time secretary, I have learned that my iPod must be charged to full in order to get through a day of shredding, filing, more filings, unexpected physical labor and other behind-the-scenes doctor office activities.

Nineties buzz ballads get me through the medical charts, and Thievery Corporation takes me from boxing Super Bills to filing insurance claims. I'm the only person in the office who dances at her desk, but I think the weary patients enjoy the weirdo temp girl as the leaf through Chemo Today and last years Time magazine.

Sometimes I turn the wheel left and tune in to the conversation of the other secretaries and office managers which usually consists of dieting woes, lunch orders and kid stories. Somebody's son is looking for an engagement ring, another is skipping school, and Amy's boyfriend is sending her Eminem music online. Everybody crowds around her desk to listen.

It's interesting to watch this schedule of waiting for Friday and moaning on Monday and getting drunk on Wednesday because it's in the middle. And by interesting I mean it motivates me to make sure it never becomes a reality for more than a couple of weeks in the summer.

In other the news, a weekend with Ashley and the beach and the pool and the sticky Floridian outdoors was delightful. It's nice that home base doubles as a vacation destination.

Seven more days and my backpack will be my office. I need to renew my Schengen Visa.

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