Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good Newsweek

In the last issue (or maybe one before) of Newsweek, there was an article tucked in the middle about how they plan to fight the fading away of ink.

Since every journalism class, conference and confidante has been pretty morose about the industry's direction, it was refreshing to hear a woman stand up for the publication and its place in the market.

The article said that despite how quickly and freely one can access news online and on IPhones etc., there is something lacking from the mobile uploading and twittering, and that is INSIGHT.

Newsweek's stars like Farheed Zakharia can offer a story well beyond 140 words (tweet), and well worth a few bucks. While any journalist can quickly offer up a blurb and snapshot of Swat Valley in Pakistan, someone with a PhD in Political Science and more than two decades of intense study can surely provide a deeper look at the Taliban in a powder keg country.

So while I plan to swim hard and fast with the current that is multimedia and fresh and innovative, I am happy to hear that our coffee tables will remain covered in essays and speculation as long as possible.