Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March-ing Along

I spent the weekend in New Jersey, the extended suburb of New York City. There was still snow on the ground, but it was t-shirt weather. My family and I celebrated my aunt and uncle's 30th wedding anniversary by throwing them a surprise pseudo-second-wedding.

New additions to the family (fiances, boyfriends) reminded me how weird we are. We talk in baby voices, make up ridiculous nicknames for everybody and put chutney on our shmear. Everyone crashes on extra comforters and couches and in the basement with no issues. We have made a ritual out of the post-party breakfast -- fresh bagels, leftover cake and lots of masala chai.

Now it is the middle of my spring break, and I am back in Florida with more sunshine and my restless mind. I am forcing myself to wind down with a list (I know, counterintuitive) of things like pedicures, facials with Vibha, swimming, Hard Rock for a birthday and reading Pepto-pink paperbacks (I finished one today).


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