Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cheatin' Weekend

I'm feeling uninspired today and I'm attributing it to the past three days. A schedule that would have been acceptable (maybe even productive) in past summers felt like pure lazy. Eating in restaurants, skipping yoga class and sleeping late made me feel tired and a little agitated.

Last night we had a great time at an impromptu "Sacred Link Office Party." We cleared the furniture in one of the office buildings, put on some of the worst rap songs created, and danced for hours. We had John doing the robot, Ethan acting out scenes from Umbrella, and Khushi and Varuna doing the Macarena. It was silly and wonderful and satiated our young spirits.

My dear cousin Vivek is about to throw us out of his room since Manisha and I have taken a three hour nap, watched Dan in Real Life and eaten all of his graham crackers since we woke up. He is now threatening to marry his sister off to a less than ideal boy-man at the institute.


Raju said...

Hi Anks, Cheatin weekend is no big deal as long as we know what it is. To me it is just a slight diversion. And trust me even as adults we have these. more and more when confronted with these experiences which I consider to be representations of our slightly lower nature, we have the ability to will up our Satvic nature or higher or true self. I really don't like the lower and higher terminology. As this becomes more and more a habit, to me this may be the slimmest glimmer of awakening. Why bother? It has been my experience that the former results in some pleasure inevitibly followed by its counterpart. The latter has a sustaining quality to it, devoid of repurcussions. My 2 cents. Baba

Ankita said...

so daddy, if I understand you're saying I should cheat more, work less and worry about the repercussions. right right. got it. haha =)