Monday, June 9, 2008

Some cheese for your wine

So I don't write poetry well. It is always lame and cheesy. But sometimes it is just time to rhyme. Here is something I doodled during our meeting today.

If in the cold of winter, you only want some sun
or wish for a snowfall when spring has just begun
If you ask for russet leaves amid a hot July
but stomp on them with hate as autumn flies right by
I ask you then, my friend, to open all three eyes
to ponder some rolling hills, or a warm sunrise
not with the mind of sages who have hidden in dark caves
but instead with the childhood that your soul craves
To smell and taste as if anew
And your right to happiness will return to you.


Pallavi said...

how appropriate :)

Ankita said...

haha it gets worse every time i look at it.