Monday, June 2, 2008


I really love to go places alone. I like the idea of arriving somewhere surrounded by strangers who don't know anything about me. Then I have to be seen as my present self and not any vestiges of the past years. Not that I have some unforgivable past experience -- but I like to start fresh.

The thing is, there is an element missing in new places. I miss the human contact. I miss the hugs I get all day at school and at home. I miss the ridiculous baby voice I still use with my family and some of the unfortunate friends. Its hard to go a couple of weeks without love. I'm thinking I'm going to start coming places, skip the awkward get-to-know-you, and go straight to the hugging and giggling part.

I remember when I hardly knew my friend Ashley and I went and lay on her bed and forced her to talk to me. She told me recently how she was surprised by my randomness. But Ashley, you were the trial...look how good we turned out together! So I'm going to forgo the mystique (not that I have mystique) and dive into the heart.

And I'm gonna start huggin' some people.

(Don't worry momma, not the boys)


Pallavi said...

hahaha i love being one of the unfortunate friends :)

i wish i could send you a nice big hug through the internet! miss youu love.

S. Wilkerson said...

I also love being an unfortunate friend. It's amazing how much more fun your time is when you start relating to people. I was being distant here for a while because I always judge all the people around me. But a few days ago I took the plunge and got to know all of them and now it's all hugs and laughs. Way to go, kiddo.