Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cuz of the Cousins

Manisha and Vivek came to visit me for ten days! I feel like I won a prize. Showing them around the institute and introducing them to people made me realize how at home I am here.

Seeing their reactions to the lifestyle and everything was very interesting. I forgot how confusing this life can be when you have never lived in an ashram setting or anything like that. I could tell that their thoughts ranged from "why is she here" to "man, this is sweet."

They brought me cookies and Maaza, which is awesome. But the truth is, the simplicity and even some of the austerity has agreed with me. I like having three simple meals at the same time every day. I like not worrying about high fructose corn syrup or what the heck is in my food. Nevertheless, chocolate chip cookies are more than welcome.

Currently, Manisha is lying on my bed face down in sleepy stupor. I can't imagine how she'll be after asana class, meditation and "five hours of selfless service," tomorrow.



Pallavi said...

mmmm MAAZA! ;)

Sarah said...

write me back!
i crave ankita